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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Bob Quick - Did he fall or was he pushed ?

Mayor of London Boris "Cop Killer" Johnson said on BBC at midday today (albeit with a straight face) that it was "with great sadness" that he had accepted Mr Quick's resignation , failing to add that he had been machinating for his removal and replacement by the pliant Assistant Commissioner John Yates (Marlborough School and Kings, London , Fitzwilliam Cantab.) as head of Counter Terrorism at the Met.

The public can however enjoy with some grim satisfaction that the porcine piggy eyed oaf , who has provided further evidence (in spades) of his innate stupidity by waving around secret minutes for the Press's intrusive and sharp lensesto pick up and publish. These apparently revealed details of the operation, codenamed Bathtub, listing the names of officers involved and locations of the deadly jihadist, fundamentalist Pakistani terrist suspects. (see previous psots re his stupidity Sunday, December 21, 2008 Bob Quick and Aphrodite Wedding Services - a conflict of interests s also the hilarious post Sunday, November 30, 2008 Bob Quick, slow on the uptake and lies to the House of Commns as well

This mindless and thoughtless act is alleged to have precipitated by a few hours a "swoop" on a "motley" crew of wannabe terrists who share beards, religion and skin colour with Pakistani nationality and attendance at what are laughingly called Universities in this neck of the woods.

Already the Met rumour mill is aloud to the buzz of false information - targets of these ruthless bombless bombers include (allegedly) a shopping center (Trafford Centre) and a nightclub and suggest a connection to Rashid Rauf, the alleged mastermind of the plot to bomb transatlantic aircraft. (Allegedly dead BTW).

Mind you don't blame Bob. His predecesor Andy Hayman, headed for the exit quickly when his intra office legoversituations became known as well as problems with his met credit card.See post Sunday, December 09, 2007 "Randy" Andy - Sex in the City and also Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Randy Andy Hayman and the luscious female IPCC textee and phone sex enthusiast

and also Tuesday, December 04, 2007 The Andy Hayman and Heidi show ... the Metropolitan Police Farce

Just think of poor Bob ... measly £110,000 ayear pension to struggle by on and megabucks "advising" the Olympic shambles. Should have taken his mum's advice and been a banker


sam_m said...

Bob Quick clearly didn't understand the meaning of the word "security" and shoulda been sacked on the spot for appearing in public with a doc with the word "secret" on it.

The idiot who appointed this ignoramus (Len Duvall ??) should also be summarily sacked.

OBTW and O/T. Were you aware that the IPCC asked the Grauniad to pull its vid of the Tomlinson assault ??

Anonymous said...

Some of the sharp lense pix are available at http://cryptome.org/

Frank (constant spook) Gardener was on R4 tonight telling us about Operation Pathway (i can't find any references to Op Bathtub?? - or is that in jest?).

Stef said...

"POLICE raids on suspected terrorists have uncovered a potentially lethal stockpile of bullshit, it emerged last night.

According to security sources, police raids in Manchester, Liverpool and Clitheroe have so far yielded eight packets of crisps, some beard shampoo and a foreign looking hat.

A senior police source said: "Put the crisps in the hat, add some shampoo, give it a good shake and what have you got? Unimaginable carnage, that's what you've got..."

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